Football drill passing and overlapping runs

Football  drill tactics using quick one touch passing and overlapping movements to finish in the box.

football drill overlapping runs


Set up and area 50 x 50 meter using 1 full size soccer goal, balls are positioned near the first station: there is 3 station with 3 players.


Looking at the diagram, there is 3 players: the drill starts always with the blu player, that kick’s the ball to the yellow player and runs to do a overlapping around him. The yellow player does the same thing; a one touch pass to the violet player in the third station and he run’s toward him (overlap). The violet player pass the ball to the blu player and he runs toward’s him, the final one touch passing from the blu player towards the yellow player on the wing, which, meeting the ball, effect a cross in the box for the 2 team mates, and finish.


  • correct technique passing
  • correct timing runs


This combination drill can be placed even on the middle of the pitch.

Author: coach Luciano La Camera 




  1. Rapula Walter Motshoane ha detto:

    I am a soccer for development side, i would like to have the drill to help my players to play more attacking soccer

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