Improve shooting techniques skills by training drills on the pitch. Develop ability in shooting to score more goals. In this article from the Italian football association & Top Allenatori you  can see how to develop a new shooting drill. The aim of the drill, is to develop good skills in different ways to hit a ball.

esercizi di tiri in porta calciare


Set up and area 15 x 30 yards with 4 full size soccer goals. Balls are positioned next to the posts of the goals for the feeders.


The first player starts running towards the first station, and the feeder throws in a ball for a volley kick; running in the second station, he kicks the ball in volley turning with his right foot: in the third station he hits the ball with his head: the last station the feeder is behind the goal and throws in a high ball for a second volley shot.


Good driven shooting tecnìhnique 

Correct technique for each attempt on goal

Author: Coach Luciano La Camera

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