With a reduced number of players (1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3) you know that allow you to reach a peak heart rate of 90% of HR max. These proposals develop high intensity and can be used to improve both the MAS (Maximum Aerobic Speed) that the quantities anaerobic lattacide. Today we present the work of Mr. Luciano La Camera, (current coach of Tritium Calcio 1908 Under 16) an exercise in 2vs2 high intensity, proposed within the meeting on Wednesday successfully tested with his boys. The main objective: aerobic / anaerobic power.

Construction Field & Material

Allenamento aerobico e anaerobico con il 2vs2

  • Use half pitch
  • 2 mini goals
  • 4 posts
  • balls

Game development

Two grills at the start in center field, one on the right (players Red and Blue) and one left, positioned a few meters back, the coach  ready to throw a ball in the field. With the entry of the ball, thrown or kicked by the coach, it starts the race / battle / exercise. The coach as you see in the picture, shot the ball towards the left: at this point, the players to the left grid run towards the ball, and they started a 1vs1. At the same time, the players of the grid on the right, run quickly to their respective  mannequin (25 meters) and then helping their team mates (2vs2). The maximum time is 45 ” to finish and score.

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Ground rules

Maximum running time 45 ‘

Score in the opposite mini goal if starting on the left or on the right

In the phase of 1vs1 duel, trying to overcome speed: No wait !!

The two players engaged in the  run, must go to the maximum to achieve their mates.


Author: La Camera Luciano UEFA  B

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