The 4 vs 4 training drill in this article helps your team players develops good possession ability with the ball, using the small sided game method; the obeject of the two teams is to train the “one – two wall pass”.

soccer drill one two wall pass


Set up  and area 30 x 30 yards,  two teams 4 players for every team.


The aim of the game is to have always the possession of the ball inside the area, but the basic obejective of the two teams is to develop tactics doing “one – two wall passing and keeping the possession.


  • one point for every “one – two wall pass”
  • one point after six  consecutive pass
  • overload avantage
  • technical  skills
  • decision passing


Possession drill

Having 4 teams in a full size pitch, playing a 4 vs 4 possession drill, after 10 minutes play the same obiective with a 8 vs 8.

Author: La Camera Luciano  



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